Important Dates

• On-line registration

   12th Mar. – 12th Jun. (Early)

     --> extended to 21st Jun 
th Jun. – 15th Aug. (Late)

 Student grant request 

    No later than 5th Jun.



Abstract submission

    9th Mar. – 30th May

   Extended to 12th June

Paper submission
   No later than 21st Aug.

ㆍEmail :

ㆍMailing address :
   Kitae Lee, 
   Radiation Research 
   Center / 
   Korea Atomic Energy 
   Research Institute / 
   1045 Daedeok-Daero, 
   Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 
   305-353, KOREA

ㆍPhone :
    +82 42 868 8955

ㆍFax :
    +82 42 868 2969



[Abstract Book]

The final version of abstract book is ready.




[S. Korea declares de factor end to MERS outbreak] (read the news)

The number of people diagnosed with MERS has remained flat at 186 for the past 23 days. "After weighing various circumstances, the medical personnel and the government judge that the people can now be free from worry," The prime ministry said in a meeting of relevant government officials. The LOC of FEL2015 encourages to come to Daejeon for those who hesitate to attend FEL2015 due to MERS. An official end to the outbreak at a scientific and medical level is expected to be made late in August (FEL2015 period) according to the regulation of World Health Organization.

[Technical Tour] (download reservation form)

Application is extended to August 24th, 2015.
The LOC also decided to accept the application at the registration desk on Monday (August 24th, 2015)

The LOC of the FEL2015 is preparing two technical tours on Thursday (Aug. 27th). One is PAL-XFEL in Pohang and the other is KAERI in Daejeon. Technical tours are required to reserve in advance to prepare the tour. All the participants of the FEL2015 can choose one of them. Please fill out the reservation form and submit it no later than August 24th, 2015 via e-mail ( or a fax (+82-42-868-2969). *It should be noticed that for KAERI tour, a security inspection is required. (see the reservation form)


[Companion Program] (go to companion program) 

The LOC of FEL2015 decided to keep the companion program even though the number of applicant is small. Instead, there are small changes in the program. The Monday program is moved to Thursday with a reduction in schedule to return to DCC in time. Instead, it will be served as free. The previous Thursday program is removed.

The reservation is extended to August 24th 2015. And You can also reserve the tour at the registration desk on Monday (August 24th 2015)


[Selection of FEL2019 venue]
The IEC of FEL conference is awaiting proposals for hosting FEL2019. Any institute who is interested in hosting the FEL2019, please contact the IEC chair (  The venue of FEL2019 will be selected at IEC meeting, which will be held during FEL2015. In the IEC meeting, your proposals will be presented and discussed.


On behalf of the International Executive Committee of the FEL Conference series, we are pleased to announce the 37th International Free Electron Laser Conference FEL 2015, to be held in Daejeon, KOREA, from August 23 to August 28, 2015. 

FEL 2015 will focus on the scientific, technological and some user aspects of free electron lasers. The conference is co-organized by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) and Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), and we look forward to welcoming you at the Daejeon Convention Center in Daejeon.

Registration will open in March 2015. Detailed information on the conference will be available on this website.

Nikolay Vinokurov,

In Soo Ko,
Conference Chairs